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I received the best news in the world during my treatment.  I was getting my bleomycin booster and my new doctor told me that my body is responding very well to my treatments.  In fact, it is doing so well that they cut my treatments from 4 cycles of chemotherapy to 3 cycles.  To me, that’s pretty good news.  This means my life is that much closer to back to normal.  Now, I am a little skeptical about what I was told only because I want to make sure that I am receiving everything I need for a full recovery.  So the doctors will put my mind at ease and scan my body after my last treatment.  If they feel the treatments worked, they will cut me off.  Only reason is because they said it would hurt my body if I continue to receive treatments if there is no cancer.  So there is good news from the battle field.


I did get to talk to my dad the day before treatment.  We talked for 3 hours about literally everything.  I can always count on dad for a good debate because we have only a few things we see eye to eye on.  I don’t really know where I get my opinions from.  I guess when I was in the Marines; it opened my eyes to a bunch of new ideas.  It’s ok though because that’s what makes me a stronger person.  I will not be swayed to an idea I don’t agree with, and neither will he.  That’s why I like them.  They are heated, entertaining, frustrating, and just plan o fun sometimes.  Love you dad, keep them coming.  As for my cousin Curt, if your class is following this, I am actually curious how young minds feel about political issues.  The topic was: “How American tax money should be spent?  Should the people be able to choose and budget where their tax money should go, or should we continue to leave it in the hands of the government?”  I think if Cousin Curt has a free spot in teaching, he can maybe open a classroom discussion.  I think the kids would enjoy that.


My road to recovery has been hard.  Cancer is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.  Yes, it beats becoming a Marine, deployments, school, and work.  I guess it is because I actually wanted all of those.  My doctor told me that if my temperature gets to 100.5, I have to get to the hospital because my body is shutting down.  I woke up a few nights ago burning up.  I had to wake up my mom at 3 a.m. to check me out.  Lucky for me I was normal, just really hot.  So, sorry mom for waking you up and next time I’ll make sure it is for real.  Well, let’s just not do that at all.



  1. Hey Paul! That is good news! God is good all the time and all the time God is good! Keep keeping that positive attitude. How’s the barn repairs going?

    • The barn is coming in very slow. I am hoping after this weeks chemo, I can get that barn door fixed. It will get done and I’ll post some pictures so everyone can see it done.

  2. Glad things are going well Paul! Getting a cycle knocked off the regimen is pretty big and should definitely be taken as a good sign.

    • I am hoping that it is done afterwards. I was kind of skeptical when they said 3 now. They are going to scan me for a few months just to make sure.

  3. I am so happy to hear this news!!! It made my day so much better! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I know it must have been better with this news in mind!

    • I have to admit I am skeptical. I know doctors and nurses know their stuff, but I am just uneasy. Seems like a huge deal, and I just want everyone to be right. I am sure they are though, so I am blessed with the news.

      • I can totally understand the skepticism. You know, even if you get a totally clear scan, I think it will take you a while to truly believe it is over. Good luck this week. Wish I could stop by and see you this week…

      • It was always nice when you came by to visit. I am pushing through this week the best I can. Protocal here is different, but still gets the job done.

  4. Hooray! Keep it up so we can see you at my wedding!

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