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So I am finally posting something new on my blog. I know it been a little while since I have written anything, but sometimes things are routine. Seems it was fizzle out and my blog would die if I wrote just about the day by day life. I need a few days to collect highlights. Then, it is actually exciting to write something.

So I decided not to stand idlely by this summer and become the fat blog on the couch. Even though I will be resting quite a bit I noticed that I have really good days sometimes. On those good days, I want to spend my time active and doing something. I think that if I didn’t, I would go nuts and feel like I wasted and opportunity. So I have some good projects ahead of me. I was asked by Steve if I could fix up the barn a little bit. It is not a major project nor am I doing a complete overhaul of the bar. The project includes fixing a couple broken doors, some side panel work, and a window. I figured why not. I was pretty good in shop class, and it’s kind of a fun hobby. I have to remember not to tear the whole thing apart and then run into a bad day and not be able to finish. I really want to take my time, and give each part its own time. One key component missing in my life is patients. Maybe this is just what I need for that lesson.

That is just 1 of 2 of my summer projects while on the road to recovery. The second thing I got into was golf.  I had a little bit of money left over after overhauling my life. I decided to stay active in a sport. I asked mom to play football, but she wouldn’t sign the permission slip. So golf was the perfect fit for me. It is a low to no impact game depending on how many golfers are on the course, and being outside will be good for me. I found a little store in town and I asked them to price some clubs for me. After the meeting, I was set up with a custom set of clubs. Designed and made just for me and my specific height and swing. How amazing is that? I have my very own clubs. I have always enjoyed golf, so maybe I can own it. I have all summer long to try to figure it all out. Maybe I can finally hitPebbleBeachwith my dad after this craziness is done. Watch out, I might be good by then.

I had a really good day today and felt good for most of the day. I still feel that monster cut slowly mending itself together.  I wish it would hurry up and heal already.  However, today was a good day.  I was able to travel down toColumbusand watch my sister graduate from college.  I am really excited for her and so very proud.  She is the first one out of all her siblings to graduate from college, and she is the youngest.  Congratulations Rachel and I am glad I got to be part of your day.



  1. Oh, it sounds like that barn will be happy for the attention!! Great idea!! Your shop teacher will be so proud!! So glad to hear about “golf clubs made for YOU”!! You will get LOTS of good use out of them!! Pebble Beach, for sure!! Glad to hear you went to Rachel’s graduation!! A lovely milestone for her!! And a super day with family!! 🙂

    • I’ve been having some really good days. I hope I can keep up the momentum the whole time. I enjoy family time when they are NOT in the hospital with me.

  2. ” It is a low to no impact game depending on how many golfers are on the course”
    Wait, wait… so what exactly do you plan to do to these other golfers if there are too many other players on the course? 🙂

    Thanks for updating your blog, Paul, I check it a few times a week. I am supremely confident that you will get through this in tip top shape.

    – Amanda (Cassidy’s sister-in-law)

    • For all the other golfers, this is my warning. The safest place they can be is in my straight path. Golfers in the woods, sand traps, or even the swimmers need to watch out. I think thats a good plan right?

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